Will I receive the same product that I see in the picture?

Our product images are intended to accurately represent the features and functionality of our SandBox devices.

However, please note that there may be slight variations in the appearance or packaging of the product you receive. We constantly strive to improve our products, which may result in minor changes in design or components.

Rest assured that the core features, Linux distribution, and tech stack of our SandBox devices remain consistent across all units we sell. We take great care in ensuring the product you receive meets our high standards of quality and performance.

If you have any specific concerns or questions about the product, we encourage you to reach out to our customer support team. They will be more than happy to provide you with any additional information you may need.

Where can I ship my order?

We offer worldwide shipping for our orders, ensuring that customers around the globe can benefit from our products. However, please note that there are certain countries where legal regulations prohibit us from shipping our products.

To determine if we can ship to your specific location, please proceed with placing your order as usual. During the checkout process, our system will verify the destination address provided. If any restrictions apply to your country, you will be notified accordingly, and the order cannot be completed.

If you encounter any issues or receive a notification stating that we cannot ship to your country, we apologize for any inconvenience caused by these legal restrictions. It is our responsibility to comply with applicable laws and regulations governing international shipments.

If you have any questions or would like further clarification on shipping availability to your country, please don't hesitate to contact our customer support team. They will be happy to assist you and provide any necessary information regarding shipping restrictions.

Where can I view my sales receipt?

To view your sales receipt, please follow these steps:

  1. Visit our website and log in to your account. If you haven't created an account, you will need to do so using the email address you provided during the purchase.

  2. Once you're logged in, navigate to the 'My Account' section. This may vary depending on the specific design and configuration of our website.

  3. In the 'Order' section, you should be able to find a list of your recent orders. Locate the order for which you want to view the sales receipt and click on it.

  4. On the order details page, you should see an option to download or print the sales receipt. Click on that option to access and view your sales receipt. It is usually provided in PDF format for easy printing and record keeping.

If you are unable to locate your sales receipt or encounter any difficulties, please don't hesitate to reach out to our customer support team. They will be glad to assist you and provide the necessary information.

How can I return an item?

We understand that sometimes a return may be necessary. Please, check our Returns and Refund Policy.

Will you restock items indicated as “out of stock?”

We strive to ensure a consistent supply of our products; however, the availability of restocking for items labeled as 'out of stock' can vary. We understand your interest in obtaining the desired product, and we encourage you to reach out to our customer support team to inquire about the specific item you are interested in.

Our customer support team can provide you with the most up-to-date information regarding product availability, estimated restock timelines, or alternative options that may meet your requirements. They will be able to assist you in determining if and when the item will be restocked.

If the item is temporarily out of stock, we may offer the option to join a waitlist or receive a notification when it becomes available again. This ensures that you are promptly informed once the item is back in stock, giving you an opportunity to secure your purchase.

We recommend reaching out to our customer support team via email, phone, or the contact form on our website to inquire about the specific item you are interested in. They will be more than happy to provide you with the information you need and assist you in finding the best solution.

Thank you for your interest in our products, and we appreciate your understanding regarding the availability of items marked as 'out of stock.